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Your content requires thorough research, writing, and putting it into the right format. We have dedicated writers to produce high-quality and professional manuscripts. Writing, publishing, and marketing – Our ghostwriting agency delivers freshly brewed content for your books and websites.

From a magic spell of words to publishing services, we are your ultimate partners. We have seasoned writers who provide top fiction and non-fiction writing services.

It’s your imaginative thoughts or a real story. We are just catalysts to make your narrative reach out to the world. Whether it’s a picture story or an autobiography, our writers know how to compel readers till the last page of the book. On top of that, we match your idea with our creative book cover design and illustration services. All these writing, editing, design, and publishing services make us the best ghostwriting company in the USA.

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Your Idea Is Just A Step Away From Being The Most Demanded Book!

Missing a master touch to your book? Or need a professional ghostwriter to put the words magic to your imagination, personal story, or ideas? You are at the right place – At Ghostwriting Nerds, we have the best ghostwriting services. Not only that, we understand your requirements.

Behind every masterpiece, there is a complete thought process. Want to let your thoughts prevail in the form of a book? We have got you covered. Have a personal memoir to write? or want your readers to dive into a fantasy world? Get the best of both worlds. Our ghostwriting agency doesn’t stop here. Ever heard of ghost blogs? Yes, our SEO writing services take care of your company’s branding without asking for a by-line. After all, it’s your idea and we are the catalysts to bring them to life.

Be it books or blogs, writing or editing, we have it all in our Ghostwriting Nerds packages:

We keep your content secure and private – It’s completely under your ownership

Our premium ghostwriting services come with an editorial team that delivers error-free books and content

We not only write, we format, publish, and market your books, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Writing to Publishing, Watch Your Ideas

Come to Life With the Best Ghostwriting Services

We know it’s quite hectic when you hit on an idea but don’t know the exact way to execute it and make it happen in real life. That’s where our ghostwriting company comes into play. We don’t make you wait – We make it happen. Whether it’s your wild fantasy thoughts, personal memoirs, or some historical moment, we are creative heads who don’t just write, we incorporate your idea and turn it into a masterpiece.

And yes, we aren’t a regular ghostwriting agency – At Ghostwriting Nerds, you find the ultimate solution. Be it writing, editing, designing, formatting, or publishing, our team offers you a one-stop shop for your journey as an author. After all, it’s your journey and we are the catalysts to make your book-writing process effortless.

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Let’s Pave the Way for Your

Journey With Professional Content Creators

Stuck in a writing process? We have the best ghostwriting services

At the end of the day, all you need is a tap on your back for thinking unimaginable. A hand to hold with all your tasks off your head. Ghostwriting Nerds is on a mission to make authors’ journeys quick and simple. Do you know your ideas can change the world? Yes, but they need the right path and our ghostwriting services just help you with that.

So, what’s the wait for? Let’s get going with our broader spectrum of all your needs. Need a book writing services? We’ve got you covered. Want to refine your manuscript? You won’t find a better editorial team. Let’s get going and take advantage of these top-notch services, where we become your ultimate support throughout your writing process.

Writing and Publishing Books:

Defining Your Author Journey

Why Miss Out on Opportunity to

Become a Best-Seller When You Have Ghostwriting Nerds?

Whether it is an eBook or SEO blog writing, we have a team that dedicates their time to the best writing practices. Yes, we are creative and we add flare to your ideas in a way that depicts real human emotions and sentiments.

Moreover, we have the masters. Our proofreaders and editors put their complete focus on making your thoughts and writeups more refined. Want to see a manuscript turn into a masterpiece book? Opt for our premium ghostwriting services as we believe in delivering the best results, be it writing, translating, or publishing. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s partner up and make your readers wait no more!

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professional ghostwriting

Your Ideas, Our Words

Let’s Give Readers’ Community a Masterpiece

You know writing is an art, where our pens make pages black and white, depicting plots, characters, and a story. Our ghostwriting services include a team of writers who creatively sketch your ideas and build characters and climaxes. Not only that, we refine your manuscript and make it perfect for publishing.

Your story needs a team of creative heads. Let’s partner with us as we don’t compromise on quality. Whether it’s action, suspense, or history, we make it a win-win situation. We know the importance of voice and tone. That’s why we not only create your books but add real sentiments and feelings.


Quality Work

Our team of ghostwriters for hire and editors ensures error-free books and our every project goes above and beyond.


Timely Delivery

Our services are always on the ball with 24/7 help. Count on us without pulling your hair over time constraints.


Customer Satisfaction

We note your ideas and vision to deliver perfect books with the potential to become a best-seller in the market.


100% Ownership

Your vision, your book! We give you complete ownership and take no credit for our top ghostwriting services.

Win-Win Situation:

Let’s Take Your Thoughts to the Next Level

Take the world by storm with a story that speaks volumes. Keep your reader's mind engaged with our wordplay. We are here to make your name – Your success is our satisfaction. Let your literary piece make waves with our flowing wordplay and magic. Partner up and watch your thoughts turn into reality with a book that imprints your message in the readers’ hearts.

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We cover all the genres

Name it, and we will put it in a script

Keep it coming as we spindle our magic stick and let your book become an all-time favourite for readers


We specialize in creating characters, climaxes, and wordplay to hook your readers till the last page. Whether you have an idea about adventure, horror, or action, our professional ghostwriters will create epic sagas, dramatic thrillers, and mystical tales. Let our fiction writing services swindle a magic wand into your next fiction book.

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The question is what distinguishes a non-fiction book from a fictional one? Our ghostwriting services will help give voice to your narrative. How about sprinkling plain facts with a bit of suspense? Or perhaps some reverie with non-fiction writing services ? All of this will compel your readers to stick to your non-fiction book, enjoying the best of both worlds!

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Some memories are worth sharing, and sheer expertise to narrate them can raise the quality of your memoir. That’s where our professional memoir writing services will be the catalyst to your eventful life story. Our expert ghostwriters will understand your inspirations, main events, success, and challenges. We will scribe an interesting memoir honoring your life and giving it the stage it deserves.

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Your life is a story in itself. Inspiration, lessons, or your career – we have writers with awe-inspiring wordplay to narrate your story. Want to convey your life story in a way that keeps your readers' interest building up? Our writers will mirror your life events and put them in the form of a fictional novel, where you have the spotlight as the main character. Our Autobiography Writing Services ensure that your unique journey is captured in a compelling, unforgettable narrative.


Children’s Books

Compelling pictures, easy words, and short stories – At Ghostwriting Nerds, our children’s book writing services compose the top stories, like the rabbit and turtle race, that they will remember for generations. We are a professional ghostwriting services company delivering illustrious books and fascinating stories to nurture young minds. The children's books we write will imprint on youngsters’ minds.

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Narrative Writing

Explaining the intricacies of the human mind or giving one’s life a meaningful perspective – We have compassionate writers to scribe your thoughts that will inspire generations with proper narration. When writing books, you need to understand readers and we know how to resonate with the persistent obstacles and hitches. With our narrative writing services, we put forward every page with a promise of empowering lives and making your readers a better version.

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Complex characters, immersive worlds, and inbound intricacies – These are the things that let the readers sit back from their chaotic routines and enjoy a realm of colors, passion, and whatnot. Our novel writing services are molded around plots and characters. Be it adventure, romance, or fiction, the results will enchant you.

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Business Books

Your ideas, plans, and visions require proper documentation. Whether your goal is to inspire young ones or guide newbies about investment, skills, and personal development, our words act as a bridge to build a direct connection with your book readers. With our business book writing services, you get to coach young ones and share business intelligence and tips.

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Don’t Take Our Words,

Our Work Speaks for Us

Take a Look at Our Portfolio of Ghostwriting Services

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ghostwriting company
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affordable ghostwriting services
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Not Only Writing,

We Have Other Services As Well

Your book needs editing, proofreading, and designing – We cover it all

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Book Proofreading Services

It is all fun and games when the real hassle arrives - proofreading. We proofread & refine your work until it is honed to perfection.

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Book Cover Design Services

Book covers offer a quick glance into the story despite what anyone says. Meet our illustrators who are a pro at aesthetic visuals.

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Book Editing

Our witty book editor team will draft and revise your scripts. They’ll push the errors to the lowest to maximize your credibility.

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Book Marketing

Book marketing is a key pillar of business book ghostwriting. Promote your book on various platforms to garner the audience’s attention.

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Book Illustration Services

Do you need to gain the skills to turn your ideas into eye-catching visuals? We will help design interactive illustrations for books!

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How We Build

Your Pathway as a Writer

We go above and beyond to deliver the best ghostwriting services – A simple and streamlined process

Place an Order

As soon as you connect to us and provide details, we begin working on your idea and put every word in order.

Your 1st Draft

You get the first outline, chapter-wise, for a review. Once you approve the draft, we start compiling it.

Edits & Revisions

A perfect manuscript requires revisions. Our editorial team takes your feedback and revises content accordingly.

Proofreading & Finalizing

From draft to feedback and revisions, we finally proofread the entire book to deliver you an error-free work.

A Few Praise from

Our Clientele

It’s not every day you see your book hitting the best-seller mark! But with Ghostwriting Nerds, it actually came true for me. Their team is extremely considerate and professional who explains you everything without making you feel dumb!

Dennis Moore

As a busy entrepreneur, I struggled to find the time to write my ebook. Thankfully, I found Ghostwriting Nerds' ebook writing service. Their team delivered quality work with lightning-fast turnaround, allowing me to publish my ebook on schedule. I couldn't be happier with the result!

Samantha Carey

Ghostwriting Nerds wrote a catchy jingle for our latest marketing campaign. The rhyme perfectly captured our brand's message. Our customers loved it. It significantly boosted our campaign's success. The results were mind-blowing.

Thomas Stuart

I was tired of writing my rap lyrics again and again. Also, I was stuck and out of ideas. So I thought of trying out hip-hop ghostwriting services. At first, I was afraid but when I hired ghostwriters. I became stress-free. Now it’s my performance, story, and idea, while they create lyrics.

Zeren K.

The Best Narrative Book Writing Services – I have only good words to speak about them. Such a nice bunch of people. They made writing to publishing easier for me.


Frequently Asked


We are an expert ghostwriting company with several genres, topics, ideas, and experiences in our portfolio.
We maintain confidentiality, produce the best books, and deliver creative content.

Whether you are an author or business owner, a ghostwriter is a professional who turns your ideas or written book into a perfectly written manuscript.

We have a skilled and professional team of ghostwriters with different genres as their expertise. From fictional to non-fictional stories and action sequences to self-help guides, Ghost Writing Nerds have writers who are prodigies with the art and craft to write anything you need.

When we receive your project, we dedicate a timeframe written in the agreement. However, we start with the draft after hearing your idea and requirements to deliver a book before delivery time.

Our customer service is the best. We have dedicated client representatives to connect with you. They are there for you until the issue is completely settled. We will address any required changes or problems quickly without holding you for long.

We are a team of readers, writers, and editors. At Ghostwriting Nerds, our team of writers ensures that creativity flows through the book, and our editors pay attention to detail and make minor changes.

Professional ghostwriting services can turn your books, guides, and content into an engaging one. Your readers will get a book which will keep them reading. Besides, Ghost Writing Nerds help you with the marketing of books. Let’s make it a best-seller together.

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